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 Spanish tiles are indeed beautifully designed and produced, they now have gained phenomenal response in the entire world as it represents the Spanish culture and style. Red body tile was traditionally made from clay from Spain. These Spanish tiles are durable and they need to be placed in the interior side of your home. These tiles have both qualities of durability and elegance.Spanish tiles are vibrant and exuberant as the merging of different colors is so nicely done. These tiles originated almost 1000 years back and are still widely known and famous that people look for such tiles even in today’s world. These tiles were used in Spanish churches, palaces, homes, floors, kitchens, bathrooms and indoor patios.Also before the 16th century Spain was rich in natural resources that include ceramic as well. Although they faced a massive economical downfall in 17th century and so the Spanish ceramic also faced a downfall but Spanish tile was indeed known for great quality and durability. Glazed tiles were coated with metallic and glass oxides which made it more durable, shinny, candy, smooth and glossy.In today’s world these tiles have worked on their expansion and introduced some new style and design but considering the old traditional and original tile maybe more expensive but is remarkable in quality and durability.These vibrant hand-painted classic looking tiles represent their culture and more. People also pair it up with rustic and arabesque pavers for a fine look. These pavers have a look of classy clay bisque that have been used in Spain. These tiles with geometric design and pattern give a subtle and magical look. 

TURKISH TILES:- If we take a look at Islamic art and culture, we can observe that in those Turkish tiles. Turkish tiles and ceramics have been very prominent in the history of Islamic art. It basically originated in 8th and 9th century.We can say that the architectural decoration during the period of Anatolian Sejluk involved the glazed bricks and unglazed bricks which when arranged in different ways produce a number of patterns and designs. They used the turquoise color the most. The tiles were normally made from a paste which was yellowish than bricks and harder than that.Also there are some beautiful tiles from Iznik which appeared in the Sulemaniye Mosque, the tomb of Hurrem Sultan and much more. Tile production also increased as every building or mosque used this Turkish tile which has a more of a natural look with different flowers like roses, tulips, carnations and more.The art has now reached the optimum level of aesthetic range. The brick walls with glazed ceramic tiles in colors of azure blue, turquoise, white and cobalt became so common in the entire Muslim world, also the white body tile is denser than regular ceramic.The Iznik factories started doing great as they got a number of orders for the architecture of huge buildings and mosques; they also started working on their tiles and kept on innovating and designing new patters and designs in order to expand this business. People admire the Iznik tiles as these tiles are made on a clean white base with such unique and innovative technique, these tiles have a color range that resembles a lot to semi-precious stones such as the green of emerald, the blue of turquoise, the redness of coral etc.The pattern on the tile represents the flora and fauna of the region, the inscription on the tile represents the philosophy of Islam in such a unique and beautiful manner. The Iznik tiles produced their masterpieces in 16th century which were definitely the most valuable. The Turkish architecture is still considered as the most attractive and tourists pay their visit to see such beautiful art, tile and architecture.  

CHINESE TILES:- China is the top producing company in tile manufacturing as they produce tiles in massive quantity so its production cost is pretty cheaper than European counterparts. As the result most countries are importing Chinese tiles due to its relatively low price and same is the case in Pakistan, since 2012 the quality of Chinese tiles has increased noticeably.  Fashion is the hub for producing ceramic tiles in China, in the last ten years fashion has produced almost 54% of total Chinese tile production and about 25% world total production of ceramic tiles. The different tiles produced by China which are very common are Porcelain tiles, Glazed tiles, Ceramic stone tiles, Non-slip tiles, Antique tiles, Industrial tiles and wood-hook tiles. One can find Chinese tiles of top quality and also of very low quality depending on the prices, so basically the diversity is massive.China is widely known for its Porcelain tiles which is attractive and durable. Day by day the tile industry of China is flourishing and due to Government assistance more and more tile factories are establishing in China. Even the Pakistan has increased the import of Chinese tiles as China is our neighbor so Pakistan benefits in different ways.The porcelain tiles were made in China used for the covering purpose of floor and wall; they also had this quality of water absorption, these tiles go through the Lappato technique.Porcelain tiles had a wide range of collection and so people always liked buying that and could definitely find anything which they are in need for from contemporary to rustic, on top of that these tiles provide the perfect hardwood with the strength, thickness and durability which definitely is very attractive for the customers to buy.

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