Sanitary fittings 
Style is a subtle way of defining who you are, and almost every day we get to express ourselves to the people around us by mutely making our choices. Gone are the days when style was only weighed as to how the people clad themselves or their very exclusive belongings. But with the time style has now changed profoundly. Now it is not only confined to your attire and personal gears; environs and ambiance of ones living are all considered related to the essence. Speaking of ambiance how come one ignores the significance of a house; its design, quality, and architecture. And if you are an architecture geek with an artistic sense you wouldn’t overlook the style and scheme of sanitary fittings in the kitchen and bathrooms. While speaking of kitchen and bathroom suites, we cannot ignore the importance of ceramic, faucets and fittings. If you haven’t got a chance to visit this market then we bet it will change your whole concept of sanitary fittings from being practical to luxurious. 

Sanitary Fittings: Nothing can better define sanitary fittings than the names of actual items considered as sanitary fittings: · Washi Basins· Sinks· Bath Tubs· Water Closets· Urinals· Flushing Cisterns Ceramic:The presence of ceramic has remained constant since ages to beautify the architecture and design. We can define its manufacturing as the mixture of earthen elements, clay, powders, and water when processed at extremely high temperatures it transforms into ceramic. To further decorate it paints and glazes are used. In ancient times they were used in pottery and bricks. But in the modern world, we find ceramic everywhere inside our house on the walls, paving terraces, staircases, poolsides adding beauty to our kitchens, and with styling bathroom suites. The raw materials used in its making are comparably cheap to its process which makes it expensive; however, give in the beauty of design and architecture on the name of expense couldn’t be a wise decision as there is nothing comparable in terms of elegance.Faucets:Faucets are the most commonly used fixtures in the house. It is a strange fact that nobody of us would have ever counted the number of times we use the faucet in a day yet they are quite a performer at their jobs. Continuously performing the same duty along with durability and control. Faucets play a vital role in the aesthetics of the kitchen and bathroom suites. Their shining beauty resonates with the sense of design style. They are majorly classified into kitchen and lavatory (bathroom faucets) available in different shapes, styles, and technologies. Finishes available in each buying capacity from brass, chrome to silver and gold. Fittings:Fittings are detachable pieces of pipes or tubes used to connect different sections and pieces in plumbing. Though they seem visibly small they play a very vital role in the conveyance of water or gas within the system of pipes and tubes, that’s why fittings are needed to be installed with someone adept doing the work. There are a variety of fitting materials available depending on their performance. The most common types of fittings are Elbows, Coupling, Union, Crosses, Wyes, Caps, Valves, plugs, and Tees.


There is no doubt kitchen and bathroom suites are the most significant sections of the house and if you are considering to renovate your house then just a little improvement could add a significant look. No matter you are going to change the ceramic structure, the faucets or the fittings be sure to keep in mind the quality of the products while fulfilling the aesthetic needs of your architectural sense.

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