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The tiles  are usually bought and sold in square meters in the market. 


The calculation of area of floor is quite simple, just multiply the length and width of the floor obtained in feet. The value obtained would be total square feet area of the floor. Divide the square feet area by 10.764 to obtain the required square meter of tile.


Similar to floor , calculate the area of a wall by multiplying height by width in feet to achieve square feet of a single wall , divide it by 10.764 to obtain square meter of tiles required for that wall. Similarly you may calculate the area of all the walls individually and adding them up to obtain the total area in square meters of the walls of a room , bathroom etc. 

Calculating Number of tiles:

To know how many tiles would be required in specific square meters. We calculate the area of a tile in square centimeters by multiplying the length and width of tile. One square meter equals 10000 ( ten thousand square centimeters), So we divide 10000/(Area of tiles in centimeter). By this calculation we can achieve the number of tiles required to cover one square meter area, and then multiply it by the total square meters to obtain the total number of tiles required. 

Example :

How many tiles are required in 8ft by 10ft of a floor?


Area of Floor : (8*10)/10.764=7.43 Sqm

The tile we chose is 60 cm by 120 cm ,


Tiles per Sqm, 10000/7200=1.39

Total tiles required ,1.39*7.43=10.3

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